Jillian Peever Dance Creations


Photo by Callum Pinkney
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The End of the Road Project


Ongoing series of projects. Dance Film, Site Specific works, dance, storytelling, dance photography. 

Collaborating artists:

Juan Villegas (dancer), Michelle Zimmerman (Photography),

Syreeta Hector (dancer), Sky Fairchild-Waller (dancer), Andrea Nann (Dancer), Gerry Trentham (Elder), Robin Buckley (composer)



Inspired by the roads I travel in Ontario and abroad that connect me to the people I love, have loved, and to the places that inspire me. 


 Photos by Michelle Zimmerman, Omer Yukseker, video by Jillian Peever

Seeing the Beautiful

Choice and Chaos


Choreography: Jillian Peever

Performer: Jillian Peever

Premiere: February 2nd, 2017, New Music Festival, Univeristy of Toronto Faculty of Music

Composer: Xintong Wang

Musicians: Juan Olivares, Linnea Thacker, Tristan Durie, and Boris Trevius (or Branko Džinović)

Storytelling and Dance, performed in non-traditional spaces, audience engagement and interaction. 

Length: 20-25 min

Photos by Omer Yukseker

The Mystery of Mr. Leftovers


Performer: Jillian Peever

Choreography: Sharon B. Moore

Dramaturgy and Sound Design: Derek Aasland

Premiere: February 26, 2016, Toronto ON, Canada

Lighting Design: Gabriel Cropley

Stage Manager: Marianna Rosato

Costumes: Jesse Dell

Production: Jillian Peever Dance Creations and Cinetic Creations

Solo dance and theatre, performed in a traditional theatre spaces.

Dora Mavor Moore Award winner, Outstanding Female Performance 2016.

Nominated for choreography, lighting, and outstanding production. 

Length: 60 min. 

Background Photo by Jae Yang
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Perception: What We Do


Performers: Jillian Peever, Ana Groppler, Jolyane Langlois, Emma Kerson

Choreography: Jillian Peever

Mentor: Sasha Ivanochko

Lighting Design: William Mackwood

Music Editing: Kuzie Musiyiwa

Premiere: July  18, 2014, Toronto, ON, Canada

Dance for traditional  or non-traditional performance space.

Length: 25min


Photo by Callum Pinkney

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